Happy New Year they say, New Year,New resolutions and all that….well for us it’s been totally the opposite. 3 games played 3 defeats zero goals scored and zero points gained.

We’ve not been good enough in every department in those 3 defeats. That’s just not the players, as a management team we shoulder the blame and the can stop’s with me. I pick the team and it’s my job to get results. We’ve huffed and puffed and come up on the wrong side of the outcome. The last two games we’ve not conceded in open play, Lancaster was a penalty and Saturday at Witton was an own goal.

Again we had the lions share of the second half and camped in there half but didn’t find the quality to make the keeper work hard enough.

We look short on confidence at the minute which does come from losing football matches, but when I look back at those last 3 games I feel we’ve lost that edge. We were hunting teams down and outworking teams. We played on the front foot and caught teams by surprise with our quality.

It’s an old cliche that you can’t win every game, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to do so.

We go out to win every game we play. We’ve just come up short in the past 3 games and very tight games at that.

When we took over we lost our first 3 games and bounced back and went 10 unbeaten so there’s no reason why we can’t do the same again.

We’ve set standards with the big run we went on, we also sent expectations through the roof which is great. We all want the feel-good factor and I believe it’s still all good.

We sit in 9th place, We’re 1 point off 7th, that’s a real positive position to be in. That’s down to the hard work and quality we’ve got in the group. You don’t lose that overnight.

We’ve just got to get back to what we’re good at, playing on the front foot and being aggressive. Playing to our strengths and the results will come.

What a lot of people don’t realise is how much work has been done behind the scenes on a weekly and daily basis to try and turn our season around.

We are trying to restructure certain aspects of the football club which will probably not bear fruit until next season, maybe longer, this has been happening since we walked in the building.

In this period we’ve had to get results and try and make the right changes, recruitment is key in every business and we’re no different. We had no time to get results it was an instant need.

We have a realism where we are at,we don’t want our season to fizzle out and trust me that won’t happen.

Players have a duty to perform week in week out and it’s my job to get that out of them, what we need is everyone to stay behind us.

It’s easy to get behind us when we’re on massive unbeaten run,it’s when it becomes tough and you lose games is where we need to stick together.

I’ll be at the reserve game tomorrow night to watch the promising young gladiators along with the first team players needing minutes.

Hopefully see you then if not Saturday for what looks like a real good game against a promotion chasing team in Scarborough.


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