The unbeaten run had to come to an end sooner or later didn’t it,I’d rather it would’ve not happened in the way it did but that’s football.

I could pull the specifics of the performance to pieces if I’m being totally honest but that’s not gonna get us anywhere. We didn’t turn up they did.

We were simply beaten by the better team,simple as that. On the day I see a team that’s been on a journey for a few years now and have recruited fantastically well along the way. They played a team that’s been put together over 10 weeks!!!

That team has come from bottom of the league,gone 10 unbeaten and have performed magnificently week in week out to lift themselves up to 8th.

One thing I was so proud of yesterday was our work ethic,the boys never stopped running,and you can sleep well knowing that your teams been well beaten but your boys have not thrown in the towel. We got shifted about all game but the togetherness within the group was never going to be broken and that for me was a massive positive to take out of the game. I’d say that’s the hardest we’ve worked in my tenure here and we got beat 5-0. That shows how good South Shields were on the day!!!!

What we need to do now is collect that feeling of disappointment and take it out on Belper on Tuesday night. We’d forgotten what losing felt like as we’d not lost a league match for 2 months.

Reactions speak louder than words and I’m in no doubt that these boys will be kicking down the doors on Tuesday evening.

Leading up to the South Shields game I had some big decisions to make regarding the squad.

Every player has played a big part in the turnaround of results and to have those conversations with individuals that they’re not gonna feature is never pleasant.

They’re very good people first and foremost and talented players,however I’ve got a budget to work to and I can’t keep 22 players happy.

I feel we’ve got a good 18 man squad and we will become a really good side with more work put into the way we want to go about things.

We’ve had to learn on the job,get results under massive pressure week in week out,to firstly climb out the bottom 3 then pull away from it. Knowing that these boys can play and get results under that intensity gives us confidence going forward.

I feel I’ve got one of the best goalkeepers in the league, we’ve got some excellent options defensively, we’ve added quality and aggression in midfield and going forward I feel there’s not much better than Marshy,Westy,Luke,Jamie and Craig King on there day. Shaun Harrad is going to be out getting game time for a month and will be like a new signing when fit so it’s all very positive.

We’ve won 4-1 at top of the league and won at Warrington plus taken Farsley close and both lay in play off spots. I believe on any given day we’re a match for any team in this league. I feel proud that the expectations have gone through the roof,that shows the level of progression that’s been made by this group of men and hopefully there’s a lot more to look forward to in the coming months.

See you Tuesday.


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