Back 2 back defeats doesn’t sit well with me whatsoever. Its certainly something we’ve not been used to in the 3 months of being in the hotseat.

The performance at Lancaster yesterday was OK,especially second half where we did everything but score.

A mixture of fantastic defending from Lancaster and a lack of end product from us were lacking.

That elusive clean sheet prevails and until we start making better decisions and eradicating individual errors we aint gonna be picking many points up anytime soon.

Apart from the penalty after 5 mins, Ross hasn’t had shot to save and was merely a spectator second half,however it was another blank in the goals for column, thats also back 2 back.

What you don’t do is become a bad team over night,weve totally exceeded everyones expectations and we are probably all guilty of getting carried away with those expectations and in someways rightly so.

We have to now go back to basics and work hard in training on Tuesday and Thursday to focus on a positive mindset going in to another tough away trip to Witton Albion.

If I am honest we have missed key players in the engine room,Nathan Whitehead and Cleveland Taylor especially who add that aggression and vocal leadership qualities, that said, nothing against Luke Hinsley for filling in who has been excellent as a central striker, and Ashton Hall who is a natural defender so to do a job for the team against tough opposition is credit to them.

Saturday was our 20th league game, its been hell for leather and we have not had time to breathe and reflect, sometimes you have to take a punch or two on the nose to bring you back to where you are at.

We have on average 1.7 points per game over those 20 league games and have scored on average 2 goals a game with a total of 41 scored.

We have conceded 32 goals in those 20 games however take out the 5 at South Shields we average 1.42 goals against in the other 19. We have more than halved that as it was over 3 a game.

Players have come and gone, new relationships to build on and off the pitch as well as in desperate need for points to get off the foot of the table.

So we need to be realistic and look at the positives, see where we need to improve but not take the foot off the gas.

Its been an enjoyable ride so far and with your continued support I feel there is more enjoyment to follow in the coming weeks.


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