We’ve all been there, Fathers day rolls around and you just don’t know what to get your old man, thoughts immediately turn to a “World’s Best Dad” mug or a T shirt of some description but here at Matlock Town FC, we’ve got the perfect gift to put a grin on your dad’s face this Fathers Day.

What he really wants is a Matlock Town FC season ticket which if you buy before June 30th, you’ll only pay £160 for Adults and £105 for Concessions, a season ticket covers all 23 of Matlock Town’s home league games and represents a significant saving which effectively means you’ll be seeing six games for FREE but not only is it a great gift but it helps the club and manager Mark Hume with the budget for his squad next season.

However, do not think that it is only fathers who will get enjoyment from this wonderful gift, it’s fantastic for all occasions and we know you, yes you the reader have worked exceptionally hard so why not go ahead and treat yourself, join the Gladiator Nation and let’s push this club forward to new heights!

*You can secure your season ticket at the club shop, ticket prices after June 30th are as followed £170 for adults and £110 for concessions.

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