Betting on the World Cup? Get Cash for your club NOW!

Many of you will be aware of our relationship with who are our official betting partner. Our partnership with Betbright allows us to raise unlimited funding for the club for each account opened through

With the World Cup having recently kicked off, those of you that will be having a flutter could also benefit your club by raising much needed funding which could go a long way to paying for pitches, kits and facilities for the 2014/2015 season.
How it works:

Step 1

Team members open up a Betbright account at (it is important to sign up here and not the general Betbright site, as the accounts will not be attributed to the club otherwise.) There is a drop down menu where you can select your club.

Step 2

Team members can tell their friends about the chance to sign up and support their team, to increase the amount that can be raised.
Step 3

For every team member that bets £25 or more (it doesn’t all have to be spent on the one bet), your team receives £40 as well as the member then receiving a free £20 bet, It’s that simple…

To place this into context, if 5 team members did this, £200 would be raised. 15 team members would raise £600, whilst if you can muster 25 members on behalf of your team you’ll earn £1000.

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