Welcome back to a special In The Crimbo Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue and how they spend their Christmas, today’s entry is on loan shot stopper George Willis.

Name: George Willis
Position: Goalkeeper
Date Of Birth: 30/07/1995
Home town: Rotherham
Former Clubs: Loans to Bradford PA, Alfreton from SUFC.
Supporter of: Sheffield United
Best Ground Played On: St. Mary’s (Southampton)
Worst Ground Played On: Spalding the other week!
Favourite Matlock Town moment: That’s hard as a keeper.. Probably the 2 penalty saves so far.
Most Memorable Moment In Football: Representing my country for the first time.
Worst Moment in Football: Defeat in the FA Youth cup to Southampton 8-0!
Best Mate In Football: Too many to single out anyone, a lot of the young lads back at SUFC.
Favourite TV Programme: Game of thrones.
Favourite Choice Of Music: Not fussy… anything within reason!
Favourite Song: John Lennon – Imagine
Favourite Clothing Label: Armani / Zara
Favourite Food: Indian
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Video Game: Call of Duty.
Who has the worst fashion sense in the squad: I’ve only seen Ted in his own gear.. so he wins the best and worst!
Who has the worst taste in music in the squad: Likewise with Yatesy, he is usually in charge of the music.
Favourite Christmas Carol: We wish you a merry xmas?
Favourite Christmas Food: Christmas dinner.. the lot.
Favourite Christmas Cracker joke: What did Father Christmas do when he went speed dating? He pulled a cracker!
How will you be spending Christmas day?: With all the family at one of the houses.
What’s the best Christmas present that you have ever received?: Always used to look forward to football boots / gloves when I was younger.
Be honest, do you own a Christmas jumper?: Yes.. several!
If you could kiss anybody under the mistletoe, who would it be?: Michelle Keegan… if shes lucky!
What’s the worst gift you have ever given and worst gift you have ever received?: Has to be socks, definitely. I once got my cousin hair thickening shampoo for a secret Santa.
What’s your favourite Christmas memory?: Too many, a lot of laughs & good times with all the family.
Best boxing day game that you have being a part of?: It’s not my best by a long way, but unfortunately the most memorable was getting KO’d after 20mins last year away at Lincoln for Alfreton!
If you could receive any present for Christmas, what would it be?: A winning lottery ticket.. is that allowed?! (Editor’s note – Yeah, if you lend me twenty quid as well)
Do you have any Christmas traditions?: No, not really
Do you have a message for the fans?: Yes. Thanks for making my time at Matlock so enjoyable & welcoming. It’s a superb club with great fans & staff. Let’s hope for maximum points over the Christmas period and a safe journey to all the fans!

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