Welcome back to a special In The Crimbo Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue and how they spend their Christmas, today we get to know what striker Jack Siddall gets up to at Christmas time.

How will you be spending Christmas Day?: I’ll be at home with my parents in Lincolnshire

What’s the best Christmas present that you have ever received?: Would have to be a skiing holiday to Canada, inclusive of all skiing gear!
Be honest, do you own a Christmas jumper?: Of course, I have several, who doesn’t?
What’s the worst gift you have ever given and worst gift you have ever received?: I once wrapped up a box of cat food for my dad when I was around 11? Received would have to be a pencil case and a bar of out of date
What’s your favourite Christmas memory?: Spending Christmas with my late Nana, this year will be the first without her!
Best boxing day game that you have been a part of?: I honestly don’t think I have been a part of one! Hopefully I will be
apart of the squad for our huge home game this year!
If you could receive any present for Christmas, what would it be?: A sense of humour? Or my student loan paid off, that would help!
Favourite Christmas Carol: Good King Wenceslas
Favourite Christmas Food: Pigs in blankets/Sprouts fried with bacon
Favourite Christmas Cracker joke: What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!
Do you have any Christmas traditions?: As kids my mum used to buy us a new set of pyjamas every year for
Christmas Eve. Visiting Manchester Christmas markets! And definitely buying a new Christmas jumper to wear!
Do you have a message for the fans?: Thank you for your continued support, clubs are built on their fans and that shines through at Matlock. I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year, hopefully we can top the festive period off with a win on Boxing Day!

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