Welcome back to a special In The Crimbo Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue and how they spend their Christmas, today’s entry is fan favourite Laurie Wilson.

How will you be spending Christmas day?: With friends and family in the morning and probably sleeping after Xmas dinner, more than likely playing with my new toys in the evening.

What’s the best Christmas present that you have ever received?: A Lie-in. Normally I get my dad jumping on me first thing in the morning, so it was nice for the peace and quiet.

Be honest, do you own a Christmas jumper?
: Numerous. All are absolutely awful taste as well. Just how they should be.

What’s the worst gift you have ever gave and worst gift you have ever received?: I’m pretty certain my gift choices to give every year are rated as the worst so it’s hard to say, probably a blow up boyfriend for my sister. Received is tough, probably something Sheffield United related.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?: Every Christmas really, our family and friends try to make sure its great every year.

Best boxing day game that you have being a part of?: Can’t really remember any good games coming on Boxing Day. No idea why.

Favourite Christmas Carol: Not even going to own up to that!

Favourite Christmas Food: Is Bailey’s classed as food? If not, Mother’s pork stuffing.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
: Avoid my dad’s early morning call, be the Christmas day taxi driver and polish off the pigs in blankets/Cadbury’s Roses.

Do you have a message for the fans?: Enjoy the Christmas festivities, safe journey’s to and from the matches and let’s bring back 9 points from the Christmas and New Year games. Up the Gladiators!

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