Welcome back to a special In The Crimbo Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue and how they spend their Christmas, today we get to know one of the newest academy recruits who recently signed for the first team midfielder Lewis Brown.

Name: Lewis Brown
Position: Left Midfield
Date Of Birth: 27/04/98
Home town: Sheffield
Former Clubs: Pro soccer pumas, Brunsmeer, Norton lees, Handsworth Boys, Chesterfield
Supporter of: Manchester City
Best Ground Played On: Proact Stadium
Worst Ground Played On: Graves Park Field
Favourite Matlock Town moment: Scoring My first League goal for the reserves
Most Memorable Moment In Football: Winning the south Yorkshire cup with school
Worst Moment in Football: Missing a Penalty in the South Yorkshire school cup
Best Mate In Football: Mike Conneh
Favourite TV Programme: Walking Dead
Favourite Choice Of Music: Grime
Favourite Song: Antidote
Favourite Clothing Label: Nike
Favourite Food: Roast Dinner
Favourite Drink: Lucozade
Favourite Video Game: Call Of Duty
Who has the worst fashion sense in the squad: Luke keen
Who has the worst taste in music in the squad: Luke keen
Favourite Christmas Carol: Rudolph The Red nose Reindeer
Favourite Christmas Food: Treacle Sponge cake
How will you be spending Christmas day?: With my family
What’s the best Christmas present that you have ever received?: Xbox one
Be honest, do you own a Christmas jumper?: Yes
What’s the worst gift you have ever given and worst gift you have ever received?: gave- a Christmas card Given- some socks
What’s your favourite Christmas memory?: The first Christmas that all the family was together
If you could receive any present for Christmas, what would it be?: A Car
Do you have any Christmas traditions?: Always watch a movie on Christmas day

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