Welcome back to In The Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue, today’s entry is in form goal scorer Jamie McDonagh

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Name: Jamie-Dean Cantona McDonagh
Position: Striker
Date Of Birth: 08/05/1996
Hometown: Belfast
Former Clubs: Linfield, Portadown, hillsborough boys
Supporter of : Manchester United
Best Ground Played On: John smiths stadium
Worst Ground Played On: I’d have to say hillsborough just because it’s Sheffield Wednesday
Favourite Goal Scored: my goal for Northern Ireland against England on sky sports
Most Memorable Moment In Football: playing in Northern Ireland milk cup and getting player of the tournament
Worst Moment in Football: breaking my leg against Scotland
Best Mate In Football: there’s a few.. Kyle Scarasbrick, Julian Banton and Joe Ironside
Best Moment At Matlock Town: coming on and getting two assist to help us win the game
Hobbies: love a bit of snooker now and again and playing Fifa
Favourite TV Programme: take me out is up there with the best
Favourite Choice Of Music: bit of house music
Favourite Song: Rihanna four five seconds
Favourite Clothing Label: Adidas
Favourite Food: Chinese and nandos!
Favourite Drink: glass of coke with a Chinese can’t beat it
Favourite Video Game: grand theft auto! Or Fifa

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