Welcome back to In The Spotlight, the website interview series where we get to know more about the players who don the Gladiator blue, this weeks entry is recent signing goalkeeper Ryan Pugh.

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Name: Ryan Pugh
Position: Goalkeeper
Date Of Birth: 19/09/1991
Hometown: Barnsley
Former Clubs: New Mills AFC, Goole AFC, Buxton FC
Supporter of: Leeds United
Best Ground Played On: Hillsborough
Worst Ground Played On: Romulus/ Sutton Coldfield both ground share on a 3G pitch. Not very goalkeeper friendly.
Favourite Goal Scored: Been a goalkeeper goals come rare so my only goal goes all the way back to U10’s where I scored from a kick out of my hands.
Most Memorable Moment In Football: Every moment is quite memorable in football whether it be good or bad. However I was lucky enough to be invited to play in the Pioneers Cup for Sheffield FC last year playing alongside some ex England internationals against Genoa from Seria A.
Worst Moment in Football: Maybe breaking my wrist 5 mins into a game coming out worst in a 1v1
Best Mate In Football: I have made lots of friends along the way but I think I have a friend for life in Goalkeeper Pete Collenge of Clitheroe Fc. We spent 2 years together at New Mills putting each other through our paces on the training ground. I have learnt a lot from him.
Best Moment At Matlock Town: With only been here 3 weeks I don’t have many moments, I am sure if you ask me at the end of the season I will be saying been part of the squad that survived relegation and finished in a strong position.
Hobbies: I like a round of Golf now and again and recently took up a little bit of road cycling.
Favourite TV Programme: Family Guy
Favourite Choice Of Music: I’m quite open to any music to be honest depending on the occasion. I have a guilty pleasure of The Jam/Paul Weller and Indie Rock.
Favourite Song: The Killers- Mr Brightside. (I actually put my head through a ceiling dancing to this at a friends wedding)
Favourite Clothing Label: Ralph Lauren/ Hugo Boss/ Pretty Green
Favourite Food: Anything Mexican
Favourite Drink: Corona/ Lemon Fanta
Favourite Video Game: I’ve never been one for game consoles but if I’m round at a friends I’m partial to FIFA or GTA.

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