JG – “Welcome back to our word form interviews and welcome to striker Craig Westcarr who joins me today. Craig, back on the scoresheet for the first time in 2019, how did it feel to get the winning goal for the Gladiators?”

CW – “It felt good to get the winning goal, but honestly, it was better knowing that we won the game and got the three points as we needed it.”

JG – “The team had a bit of a drought before yesterday’s game, how as a striker does that mentally affect you and what do you do to work on finding the back of the net again?”

CW – “It never effects me personally, to be honest, drives me to work harder and that’s what we’ve done as a team, we’ve worked on a few things in the training sessions to find solutions to us creating more chances and obviously that leads to scoring, I think this worked on Saturday and hopefully continues.”

JG – “You’ve now scored thirteen goals this season, had you set yourself a target when you joined the club?”

CW – “Targets set are always ones that I don’t share mate but I want more goals and want us as a team to finish the season knowing we gave it all and left it all on the pitch.”

JG – “What’s the mood like in the camp at the moment after a poor run of results before yesterdays victory?”

CW – “If I’m honest has always been good yes we were disappointed at last month but training always upbeat and we’ve stuck together which you need to do no matter what league you’re in at what form you’re at.”

JG – “You and Marcus Marshall as many fans will know are quite the double act on and off the pitch. How is he fairing with his injury lay-off?”

CW – “He’s still waiting for results from his scan but he is still in good spirits, but disappointed to be out when he was on such a good run of form”

JG – “Looking ahead now, we come up against your old club Alfreton Town in the Derbyshire Senior Cup, is that a match in particular that you are looking forward to?”

CW – “I look forward to all the games, to be honest, it will be good to see some old faces that is all.”

JG – “You’ve now dedicated your future to the Gladiators with the recent signing of a contract, what was it that made you want to commit your playing future to the Gladiators and what’s your drive to continue your career?”

CW – “I’m enjoying my football and enjoying being at a good club that wants to go places, it was pretty easy to sign. My drive is to play and enjoy my football and try and win things and help other players at the same time I enjoy passing on some of my experience to some of the other lads.”

JG – “Looking at some of the young lads who have come into the side, is there anybody, in particular, that’s stood out to you?”

CW – “Yes, Ash (Ashton Hall), he’s now on trial at Leeds,he’s a very good defender and I hope his trial is successful,it will be brilliant for the club to have another player make it to a championship side, it will continue to put the club on the map in terms of youngsters coming through and teams like Leeds coming to Matlock to watch.”

JG – “Is there any advice as an ex-league player that you’ve passed on to Ash?”

CW – “Be yourself, work hard, show your qualities, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and enjoy the ride.”

JG – “That’s everything for today, thank you for taking time out of your Sunday to speak with me Craig and bring on Tuesday”

CW – “Not a problem mate”

KeyJG = James Griffiths, CW = Craig Westcarr.

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