We are proud to announce our first national supporters fan club in Malaysia/Singapore set up by Neil Allsop who has lived in Singapore for ten years but recently moved to Malaysia and now commutes daily to the southern eastern country and whom follows the Gladiators online via MTFC TV’s video highlights service.

When asked Neil said “I have been in Singapore for the last 10 years having grown up near Kidderminster. The connection to Derbyshire is through my Dad who was brought up in Matlock, after discovering all the highlights online this season it has been quite enjoyable to follow the Gladiators. I worked for the football association here for 7 years and it left me with a dislike for the professional game (with the exception of Derby County). Premier League football is a big turn off so its refreshing to watch good honest non-league football. I’m not sure when I will next be back next but will try and catch a game in when I visit my Matlock relatives.”



Neil Allsop in action in his Matlock Town goalkeepers kit.

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