Name: Nick Buxton

Position: Assistant manager / goalkeeper

Date Of Birth: 06/09/1976

Hometown: Doncaster

Former Clubs: Doncaster rovers, Halifax town , Bury FC , Scarborough , Scunthorpe (loan),Spennymoor (loan) Bradford Park Avenue ,Eastwood Town , stalybridge celtic, Harrogate town and Goole Town

Supporter of: Newcastle united

Best Ground Played On: St James’ Park, Newcastle

Worst Ground Played On: Cheadle ( right near Manchester airport awful!!!!)

Favourite save: For Matlock against FC united away when it got deflected of Jugsy (Mark Haran)!

Most Memorable Moment In Football: Signing professional forms

Worst Moment in Football: Snapping my cruciate when I was all sent to sign for Scunthorpe or Doncaster

Best Mate In Football: Got a few Sean Parrish ( who’s ex chesterfield now at wolves).Paul Pettinger and the gaffer (Mark Atkins) he’s taught me so much since I came
since I’ve been at Matlock with him plus he’s a great manger and a top man got a lot of time for him,People don’t see the work he does to make sure everything is right.

Hobbies: Football,horse racing spending time with my family and watching my kids do there sports

Favourite TV Programme: Monroe with Jimmy Nesbit

Favourite Choice Of Music: Anything really but I like take that ! Oh and One Direction (Editor note – we’ve all heard you singing One Direction songs during the warm up!) because that’s all I get to listen to because of my daughter

Favourite Song: Greatest Day by Take That

Favourite Clothing Label: None really clothes labels don’t bother me at all! But George is the future !!!

Favourite Food: scampi or a mild Indian !! Don’t do hot food !

Favourite Drink: Kronenberg or a snow ball!!!!

Favourite Video Game: At the moment FIFA my little lad shay that’s all he plays on !! So I have to go on and batter him even though he’s only 5!!!!!!

Who has the worst fashion sense in the squad: I’ve not seen them really but Lewis always has a black plastic jacket on when he’s out in Doncaster.

Who has the worst taste in music in the squad: Has got to be Yatesy OMG! The music he plays before games !!!

Favourite Christmas Carol: Jingle Bells ( all I can think of !)

Favourite Christmas Food: christmas dinner and topped off with christmas pudding and rum sauce,oh yes, decent!!!

Favourite Christmas Cracker joke: None there all rubbish, need more blue ones in for a bit more fun !

How will you be spending Christmas day ?

Be at home with my family and maybe at my dads at some point

Whats the best Christmas present that you’ve ever received ?

Play station years ago! Although after three girls my little boy being in December 2006 was a great present !

Be honest, do you own a Christmas jumper ?

No way not at all, think spongey (Mick Cunningham) has one though!

If you could kiss anybody under the mistletoe, who would it be ?

Easy, Jennifer Aniston!

Whats the worst gift you’ve ever gave and worst gift you’ve ever received ?

My wife wanted a coffee machine one Christmas so I got her one, the wrong one she wanted a luxury one and I bought a cheap one (she wasn’t happy!) Worst ever gift I got was a shirt from my dad it looked like something Alfie moon would wear and thing is I think my dad thought it was great and kept it.

Whats your favourite Christmas memory ?

God this is a bit deep, probably my first Xmas with my wife!(that should get me some brownie points)

Best boxing day game that you’ve being a part of ?

I Can’t think of one really there all just another game ! Funniest one has got to be when I was at Stalybridge against Hyde in a local derby and our manager John Reed dragged Barrie Keeling off after about 12 mins, he was shocking and was going mad, alll I could do was keel over laughing!!!!

If you could receive any present for Christmas, what would it be ?

Range rover sport over finch (which Tom Wright has said me and Mark can both have one as a bonus if we stay up) cheers very generous Tom!

Do you have any Christmas traditions ?

Yeah try to keep my wife from spending a fortune, she thinks we’ve got a money tree!

Do you have a message for the fans ?

Yeah, hopefully there’ll stick behind us and keep backing the lads, they don’t go out to play bad sometimes but we’ve hopefully got the right squad now to push on up the table.Your always going to have your haters in what ever you do but these are a great bunch of lads and when they play at there best were a match for anyone as recent weeks have shown. I’d like to wish all the fans a happy Christmas and hope you have a great new year and hopefully we get a good result Saturday to start Crimbo off with a bang!

(Interviewer – James Griffiths, Interviewee – Nick Buxton)

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