Welcome to “My first Gladiators match day” where we take a look in to fans first match day memory at The Reynolds Stadium starting and today’s piece comes from Matlock Town drummer boy Will Swift!

“My first match was a pre season friendly against Sheffield United down at causeway lane, I just remember walking into the ground with my mum and being directed to sit on the cricket pitch grass.

The game was a 7 goal thriller and had me lost from start to finish! Danny holland scored a hat trick for us, and one in the net for united! We won 4-3!

The atmosphere was that good and I’d enjoyed watching us win so much I got into the swing of coming down every game! And from that day I’ve tried to attend every home game I can! Especially these last two seasons, as I now have a massive drum to play with,

Matlock wouldn’t be the same without this football club!”

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