Matlock Town FC can now announce the departures of Joe Leesley, James Ashmore and Lawrence Gorman.

Explaining the reasoning behind the three departures Hume said: “James Ashmore’s been as good as gold and a credit to himself and the club.

“He took the decision like a man, we explained that we’re overloaded in midfield and he accepted we’re crying out for a striker and he could see our reasoning in that it would release some of the budget for a striker. We didn’t want to see him left high and dry so we’ve said he can continue training with us to keep him ticking over.

“Joe was one of the contract players asked by the previous manager to look for a new club so naturally he put the feelers out. He was hesitant about leaving but he’d already agreed to join another club. I told him he’d got to do what was right for him and basically I don’t want any player here who’s unhappy.

“He leaves with mine and the club’s best wishes and who knows, he and Ash might be back at a later date. We also have a lot of defenders hence Lawrence leaving, it’s a matter of making tough decisions in the best interests of the club.”

There’ll be more news to follow in the weekly news later in the week.

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