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Club statement - South Shields

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Club statement - South Shields

Matlock Town is disgusted to have been alerted to an allegation of homophobic abuse by an unknown individual during today's game with South Shields

The Gladiators is a diverse and wholly inclusive football club with a mix of players, staff and fans of all ages, races and genders. Our Chairman Bryn Apperley wishes to apologise to anybody who possibly heard said comments today and wishes to make it fully clear that any act of hate speech will be fully investigated.

We are extremely saddened to hear that this comment was made and we would like to remind anybody who attends games at The Proctor Cars Stadium that we have a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to hate speech of any kind. Anybody found guilty of such an offence will be escorted from the premises and reported to the authorities.

If you wish to spout any form of hate speech to anybody, you are not welcome at The Proctor Cars Stadium.