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Gladiators to pay tribute to Sinnott this Saturday

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Gladiators to pay tribute to Sinnott this Saturday

* Both teams and match officials be wearing black armbands.
* There will be one-minute silence/applause prior to kick-off depending on the wishes of Jordan's family.
* MTFC players will come to the game in football shirts with SINNOTT 25 on them.
* In warm-up and during game, MTFC players will be wearing T-shirts saying "Do It For Jordan" with a photo of Jordan on it
* MTFC will be sending a first-team shirt, either in royal blue or change white strip, to the Sinnott family signed by all the players to be on display at Jordan's funeral.
* Like other clubs have been doing, a SINNOTT 25 shirt will be passed to Tom Sinnott appeal made in past few days.
* At some point in the future having given Jordan's family to grieve properly, we will be looking at other ways to commemorate Jordan's life. We have ideas but obviously, we don't want to disclose these at the present time.
* In regards to how our players and staff are coping some better than others, the younger players may not have even experienced a death to a family member/friend, never mind a teammate. The club has measures in place to help if required.