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Teammates with.... Gladiators defender James Williamson

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Teammates with.... Gladiators defender James Williamson

Welcome to the new and totally original Q&A session that wasn't borrowed from a popular morning "soccer" show where we ask a Gladiators player all about their teammates starting with one of the new boys in defender James Williamson.

Best trainer: Luke Dean
Quickest: Piteu Crouz
Slowest: I wanna say Yatesy but might be harsh
Hardman: big Jon Stewart
Most skilfull: Marcus Marshall
Hardest shot: Luke Hinsley/James Tague
Messiest: Probably myself or Nathan Whitehead
Changing room DJ: Yatesy or Piteu Crouz
Most intelligent: Ben Gordon is probably the best out a bad bunch
Worst dress sense: Ben Edgson likes a fluorescent T shirt
Joker: Dwayne Wiley
Best mate at the club: Luke Dean
Most vain: Ben Morris
Teacher's pet: Andrew Wright can please the gaffer
Future manager: Adam Yates