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Teammates... with Midfielder Piteu Crouz

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Teammates... with Midfielder Piteu Crouz

Welcome back to the totally Gladiators original (honestly, what's Soccer AM?) Q&A where we cut right into the soul of the Gladiators changing room to find out what's going on behind the scenes.

Today's guest is the man who puts freekicks top bins, Piteu Crouz.

Best trainer: Deany/Ben Gordon
Quickest: Dan Bramall
Slowest: Nathan Whitehead
Hardman: Big Jon/Nathan
Most skilfull: I’d say myself or Marshy
Hardest shot: Spencer Harris
Messiest: Jordan Cooke
Changing room DJ: Yatesy / Myself
Most intelligent: Ben Gordon
Worst dress sense: Luke Hinsley
Joker: Dwayne Wiley
Best mate(s) at club: Leeds car school
Most vain: Can’t think of anyone to be fair
Teacher's pet: Deany
Future manager: Yatesy